Name: Giovanni L. Rizzuto


Place and date of birth: Santpoort, the Netherlands, January 21, 1958

Marital status: married

Nationality: Italian

Sex: male


1970-1976: pre-university education

1979-1987: eastern/western philosophy, theology and Sanskrit at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

1987: master in philosophy (cum laude)

I’m especially interested in the following subjects:

History of philosophy: ancient philosophy, philosophy of the Renaissance, German idealism, phenomenology, eastern philosophy( Zen-buddhism, Indian and Chinese philosophy) postmodernism

Systematic philosophy: metaphysics/epistemology, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of consciousness, philosophy of art, mysticism/spirituality, philosophy of religion


From 2013: teacher of philosophy at the Vrije Academie

From 2011: teacher of philosophy at HOVO (the Free University of Amsterdam)

From January 2005: teacher of philosophy and history at a pre-university school in Amsterdam (De Amsterdamsche School)

From January 2001: teacher of philosophy and humanities at two universities of professional education (Fontys Hogeschool and Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

1995-2003: teacher of humanities at a school for professional education (Regio College Zaanstreek Waterland)

1995-2003: adult education courses in the history of modern philosophy and Indian philosophy

1993-1994: teacher of ethics and history at a pre-university school (Martinus College).

1990-1992: teacher of philosophy (temporarily) at the University of Barcelona

1986-1990: teacher of philosophy and English at different private schools in Spain

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